More or Less ??




There are medium and small boxes containing my belongings or junks not only in my room but also in the studio and living room. Boxes are generally empty boxes of sweets or something, but there are also stylish boxes that are supposed to have been purchased at stationery stores. There are no empty boxes but something in it. Initially, I thought that there was a certain classification, but I can not find out what’s inside in the appearance. The same thing can be said to my filing style of the PC. Although there are a lot of files but there is no clear classification, it may be hard to find the necessary files.

I wrote such a whining because I thought that I had to change my mode of life to “Less” instead of “More”. What is necessary for “Less” is probably you grasp the whole picture of your own belongings and choose whether you need it or not. It will take a huge amount of time, but now there is plenty of time.

I was considering the above while doing mixing of messy tracks for the next album.