The Gardenが音楽ストリーミングサイトにアップされました!

Sounds from OtotobaレーベルからリリースされているGKのファーストアルバム「The Garden」が3つの音楽ストリーミングサービス、Spotify、 itunes、Youtube Musicに昨日アップされました。

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GK ‘s first album “The Garden” released from Sounds from Ototoba label was just up to three music streaming services, Spotify, iTunes, Youtube Music yesterday.




YMO has recently appeared in many media as celebrating 40 years after its debut. I know lots of musicians that have been influenced by YMO. Unfortunately, I have no interest in YMO at all. At that time even I thought techno was not music. But 40 years later now I am crazy about synth or modular. My friends are saying  “how significant your change in favor of music is”, but for me, I am just enjoying the unknown world that finally arrived.



Spring has gradually come ???


sounds from ototobaの”社長”、RKです。一応、ARTDIRCTERも兼任してまして、最近ではGKの「The Garden」のアートディレクションを担当しました。

正月があけてからGKは新作の制作とスタジオのライブルームの作り込みと配線にかかりきりで忙しく働いています。このSmall Talk もちょっとおろそかになってますので、私も時々書き込みを協力することにしました。なんせPRは重要ですので。



Plum blossoms are already blooming.


It’s RK, “Sha-cho” of sounds from ototoba.  I am also in charge of art directions. “The Garden” of GK is my current assignment. GK is recently busy working on new productions and fixing and wiring of PA in the live room of the studio. So Small Talk is a little neglected, I have decided to collaborate on writing.

Spring is gradually approaching around the ototobastudio.  Please enjoy and feel spring.